Thursday, 26 January 2012


Ah, my Ever Faithfuls,

Afore we venture hence into the realm of the next Quest, grant your applause and salutations to the Victor of the first:

The Winner is.......... Heidi

Take Thee the symbol of thy conquest  - grasp the magical lettering within the Cypher and display it proudly within thy Realm

<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

Oh, Victorious One - wallow in thy glory and grant the Servant of the Master - Black Dragon - details of thy cyber habitation, that the rewards of thy labour may be showered upon thee.

and the Master yet honours also these 3 supplicants, (in no particular order), ..........

Take ye also the magic cypher below to display the Top 3 accolade in thy Realm

<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

The Master was most pleased with your wondrous creations on the first Quest, in fact, he was so uplifted by the offerings of so many minions that he challenges you next to strive even further in your efforts and manufacture a creation in his Own image :-D
It may take the form of anything your little hearts desire but must contain therein his wondrous countenance.
Herewith I give to you the efforts of his Supplicants, in an effort that you shall be filled with inspiration;


Again, he giveth you 14 nights in which to complete your Quest, whence another Victor shall be chosen and more delights showered upon them. Feast your eyes upon the forthcoming reward.........

The Master showers upon the beautiful Jetske, salutations and enduring gratitude for her most generous offering, fresh from her Realm at 

Great Stamps

I bid you a fond farewell until the allotted time whence we shall again find ourselves here. :-D

Perchance you place your offerings to the Master here:
In the interest of fairness, Please, NO back linking :D

Collection closes 8th February 17:00 hrs GMT


  1. Can't believe it, so so lucky and so so kind of the master to bless me in such a manner, I have send an epistle to the exaulted servant of the master, one who goes by the name 'Blackdragon' and await with extreme anticipation the fruits of my labours. with happiness in my heart, thank you. heidix

  2. Congratulations to the top 3 and to Heidi winning the wonderful 'Quoth the raven' digis from SMEARED INK.
    I am so pleased that others share my passion for POE.
    love lynx BD

  3. Congratulations to Heidi and the Top 3. Thank you for joining us at Quoth the Raven and I hope you continue to do so :)

  4. Many CONGRATS to Heidi and our glorious Top 3. :-D
    We hope you will play along again with us this week :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Congratulations to Heidi and to all those deemed to be worthy of displaying such a token. Sincere is my gratitude that I may be numbered in this exulted group.
    The artworks shown by the supplicants are wondrous to behold and I will endeavour to fulfil this quest to the best of my abilities.

  6. Congrats to all!!! The DT creations are absolutely awesome and I love them all! I am bummed that I missed the deadline time for the last challenge, but will do better for this one! Hugs all and have a wonderful day!

  7. Congrats to the winners and complements to the DT for their awesome inspirational pieces!

  8. Congratulations to all the winner including the top 3 W2G!! I am so inspired by the DT's great projects using the masters image! I must create something for the master too! Off I go!

  9. oh my am I ever inspired by these excellent works!!

  10. Wonderful creations from the DT! I really enjoyed playing along with this challenge.

  11. I love your artwork! Very cool!

  12. Here is my entry.