Thursday 23 February 2012

QUEST 4 ....... OH, POOR KITTY !!!!

My Beloveds,
How the Master was at once both elated and saddened upon seeing thy wonderful portrayals of his beloved Annabel Lee, that reminded him so of his loss. 'Twas a most difficult task for him to choose between thee. However, the task was completed and the Victor of the 3rd Quest is.......................

Oh, valiant one - take thee the symbol of thy conquest and display it proudly within thy Realm, and forthwith give details of thy habitation, that the beloved Black Dragon may bestow upon thee thy Gift.

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The Master bestows honours also upon these 3 Supplicants (in no apparent order)........

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Now, 'tis a sad Quest I give thee...... The tale of a man and his wife, and they shared between them a Cat. This latter was a remarkably large animal and entirely black. In speaking of his intelligence, the wife made frequent allusions to the popular notion which regarded all black cats as witches in disguise.His name was Pluto.All was well for some time until, the man was bitten by said Pluto, and in a state of intoxication, he took out it's eye and, subsequently, insanely vexed by the animal, he hung it from a tree. BUT, his deeds came back to haunt him and drive him further toward the edge of insanity - having killed his wife and bricked her body up in the cellar, he is at last undone in the most haunting of fashions.
Read thee HERE the sad and sorry tale.
Thusly, thy Quest is to depict the aforementioned tale in whichever manner thou deemest appropriate and within 14 Days, then thou shalt return hence.
Herewith, I offer thee the creations of his Supplicants, that thee may well yet be inspired to come forth with creations.

Ike using 2 of her new Black Cat images

Blackdragon using IKESART images.

Feast thine eyes upon the forthcoming Rewards....

Perchance to place thy offering to the Master here. (In the interest of fairness, please, NO back linking)

 Collection closes 7th March 2012 1700 hrs GMT

Thursday 9 February 2012


Ah, Beloveds,
Afore we venture into our next Quest, let us give felicitations to the victor of the 2nd Quest ........
Hail the Victor........ Lady B

Take thee the symbol of thy conquest and display it proudly within thy Realm, and give details of thy habitation to the beloved Black Dragon, so that she may bestow upon thee thy gift.
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The Master yet honours also these 3 supplicants (in no particular order) ....

Take ye also the magic cypher below to display the Top 3 accolade within thy realms.
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Oh, Woe - a terrible melancholy has befallen the Master, as 'tis within this time that the day of St Valentine doth occur, and brings to him the pain of love lost that cuts him to the core. 'Twas his love ANNABEL LEE, that gave him life and joy, but "The angels, not half so happy in heaven, went envying her and He - That the wind came out of the cloud by night, chilling and killing his Annabel Lee". Thusly, in her honour, thy Quest is to fashion a tribute to the beautiful and forlorn Annabel Lee, in whichever manner as befits thy mood. Save to say that upon thee there is just the one restriction... that thy offering shall here be placed by nightfall on the 14th day hence.
That thy mind may be filled with wondrous imaginings, herewith I give thee the efforts of his Supplicants, that thou shalt be filled with inspiration.

IKE using her new image 'Annabel Lee'

i dont do straight

Blackdragon using IKESART images.

As reward to the Victor of this Quest, the Master shall bestow upon thee this gift......

Collection closes 22nd February 17:00 hrs GMT