Thursday 6 September 2012


Beloveds -  my heart doth pine away for the sakes of my fellow Minions of The Master, who hath suffered the trials and tribulations of Life :-(  Fate hath smitten them sore blows and terrible darkness hath engulfed them. Perchance they may now be of sufficient health and vigour to again join us in our monthly Quest.
But also of joy I write - The Master hath taken unto him a new Minion who goeth by the title of SHELL :-) I am of a mind that she will be much cosseted and beloved by The Master and she will offer thee such delights upon which to feast thine eyes. :-D

Hie now as we first pay homage to those Supplicants that The Master doth honour from the preceeding Quest.................
The Master hath chosen as the Victor of Quest 12.............  VEE
Take thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly within thy realm.

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Furthermore - The Master honours the following Top 3 (in no particular order) and thanks thee for thy worthy offerings.  CROMS, YVONNE and MONIQUE.........Take thee also thy Badges.

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And now - a further Quest.......  what say thee to the notion of discourse with a creature from eons gone by ? How wouldst thou address such, and what knowledge would he impart to thee. ? Herewith lies a tale of one such encounter - a strange tale indeed - and doth not thy mind race at the thought ?? The tale is entitled "SOME WORDS WITH A MUMMY" .
Perchance a small snippet to whet thine appetite.....

Quote:          "Come to me, by all means, my dear good friend, as soon as you receive this. Come and help us to rejoice. At last, by long persevering diplomacy, I have gained the assent of the Directors of the City Museum, to my examination of the Mummy --- you know the one I mean. I have permission to unswathe it and open it, if desirable. A few friends only will be present -- you, of course. The Mummy is now at my house, and we shall begin to unroll it at eleven tonight".

How now ? Doth thy mind not yearn to learn more of the encounter ? Art thou not eager to discover that which ensued.? The tale can be read in it's entirety HERE.

For your delectation, the Minions of The Master offer thee thusly...


Hurry then - read and digest then go - create an offering to The Master in depiction of that which thee doth glean, and then return thee hence in one Moon's cycle to see that which The Master doth favour.

The winner will receive this altered doll..... Halloween is just around the corner!
How now ?!! - would this not grace thy realm - such artistry ..... The Master is ever grateful to his talented Black Dragon who hath both a great skill and penchant for the alteration of Toyland's plain and simple offerings, and doth transform them into wondrous delights.

Perchance to leave thy offering here...... (in the interest of fairness - NO backlinking)....

Collection closes 3rd OCTOBER 2012 at 1700 hrs BST.