Monday 25 March 2013


Ah Beloveds ! The sisters of darkness at SMEARED & SMUDGED FORUM hath set forth a Challenge to all who toil in Design Teams for other Masters and Mistresses. They doth challenge us to bring forth our most accomplished creations that hath been subjected to transformation, so that they doth appear to be that which they are not. The Challenge hath been dubbed "FAUX FINISHES". Forsooth - such a cunning theme was laid down by the Victors of the first such Challenge -  the fair Minions of the Haunted Design House.
Fi !!! How they doth strive to test us, yet the Minions of The Master hath risen to such heights and hath produced fineries that doth astound the eye.
Feast thine eyes thusly............................

(Using IkesArt image - POE CAT)

Lest ye hath a hankering to enter such a quest, thou shalt compete in teams of 3 under the title of thy masters' realm and having submitted thy creations thou shalt be judged by thy Peers and votes cast, whereupon the next victors shalt chose a theme of their liking for the next Challenge, and receive the accolades of the vanquished. Thou shalt then receive a fine Banner to display within thy Realm.

Good  fortune to other adversaries :-)

* Don't forget you can still enter Quest 19 at QUOTH THE RAVEN - ANYTHING 'POES' *

Thursday 7 March 2013


March hath crept upon us and  I am here to give thee thy next Quest. But first, let us sing praises to the Victor of Quest 18.... All Hail to...................Anna Lilja


Take thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly within thy Realm. Also furnish the details of such Realm to the Minion of The Master -IKE, so that thy Prize may be thus given.

The Master also honours these 3 Supplicants (in no apparent order)  for their wondrous offerings....
Louise MPaper Whims and Vee Cassidy
Take thee also thy Badges of Honour.

And now, thy further Quest..............  "Anything POES". But remember ye that thy offering MUST be related to Edgar Allan POE to be considered worthy of being chosen for the Prize. Bring ye not thy fluffy, smushy if it be not POE !!

Forsooth, The Master giveth thee the freedom to create that which thy heart desires, in homage to The Master.
This time a new Supplicant has offered gifts to The Master.... a Group that calleth themselves INKY FROGGIESwhich hath great acquaintance with "STAMPIN' UP" and which doth use and supply their wondrous items.

Such delights they offer thee this time to urge thee to strive for the place of victor. Thy  wondrous Prize shall be thusly....

..................a smattering of cutesomeness kindly donated to The Master by Kristy- a goddess of "STAMPIN' UP" who is well versed in the teachings of the usage of such wonders.

So without further ado, I give thee the makings of the Minions of The Master to whet thine appetite..

Hie now and create... to return in one moon's full passing on 10th APRIL 2013, for thy next Quest.
It pleaseth The Master that thee leaveth thy offering here.  (In the interest of fair play - NO BACKLINKING )
Collection closes 10th APRIL at 1700hrs GMT.