Thursday 3 January 2013


Fie Beloveds !!!
Another new 12 month hath crept upon us and I hope that thou didst not inbibe too much in the festive sustenance or inebriants, for thou knowest that such actions doth cause excess flesh upon the hips and a pickling of the brain matter !!!!!   Heaven forbid that thy Mojo hath taken an onslaught and thou canst not create ?!!!
Afore we begin the next Quest - let us give salutations to the Victor of QUEST 16 - Poe, Poe, Poe, Merry Christmas.............................      JULIA
Take thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly within thy realm and perchance to contact IKE to claimeth thy prize :-)


Furthermore - The Master blesses these 3 Accolades (in no particular order) for their fine offerings...
Take thee also thy Badges of merit.  TO BE ANNOUNCED A LITTLE LATER !!!


And now.... QUEST 17......... ANYTHING POES

The Master wishes this Quest that ye shall have free reign and create for him anything thy heart desireth - however - it must be dark/Gothic (and/or have some connection to The Master - Edgar Allan POE) for he will have none of thy frivolous frillies. !!

To further produce thy creative juices.. herewith the darkling creations of his Minions..


Is on much needed respite

Your Prize this month is this digi from IKEsART.

Away with thee now - to return in one moon's cycle on  6th FEBRUARY 2013.

Perchance to leave thy offering  (in the interest of fair play NO BACKLINKING)...

Collection Closes 6th FEBRUARY 2013 at 1700 hrs GMT