Thursday 25 September 2014


We are again summoned herewith to toil upon another Quest set by The Master.
We shalt tarry a while before hailing the aforesaid, to sing praise and offer our salutations to the Victor of QUEST #36 -   TIC, TAC, POE .....

Taketh thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly within thy Realm and if it pleaseth thee - contact IKE for to claim thy Prize.

The Master thanks thee for thy kind offerings.

And now - onto thy new Quest..............  #37  TAG ALONG
The Master doth desire to see TAGS on thy creation - whether it be-eth a TAG or hath TAGS thereupon - each will be accepted... but thy creation MUST be connected in some manner to The Master - EDGAR ALLAN POE.

Herewith the creations from the Minions of The Master to giveth thee inspiration....

Thy Prize for this endeavour shalt be thusly...

Away now and go creatheth thy offering - to return in one month's full passing on 23rd OCTOBER 2014 for thy next Quest.
Please entereth thy creation below.