Thursday 14 June 2012


Ah, Beloveds - how the plagues of the technology of man doth smite us !!! For sure the crankings and whirrings of the damn- fangled electrical contraptions vex us when they doth not work !! How we wail and cry and rent our hair from our scalps. Forsooth - I have been beleagued by imps and phantoms of the 'wires' that hath rendered me without the trappings for communication with friends and foe. !  Aye, now I work with frantic determination through the tiny window of succour that it hath accorded me and I rush to complete my writings before the dread phantoms again steal it from me !!

Firstly - the Accolades -
Hail the Victor of Quest 9.............Tori
Take thee thy Badge of Honour and convey thy details to the beloved Black Dragon, that she may bestow upon thee thy  surprise gift.

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The Master also blesses these 3 (in no apparent order)......


Take ye also thy Badge and display it proudly within thy realms.

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How now, my creatures of the dark - I offer thee this time a cautionary tale. Let thee not think that man be the only creature that hath the wherewithall to learn and then act upon that knowledge - albeit with behaviour that we would not expect nor which may be acceptable to ourselves. !
Such is the case with the poor creature in my tale this time -
A sailor keeps as a pet, a large Ape - a creature not much far removed from the likes of thee and I. Unbeknownst to him, his daily actions have been acutely observed and absorbed - albeit their purpose not fully comprehended.
Alas - upon the subsequent escape and new found freedom of the aforesaid - it doth attempt to re-enact that behaviour it hath previously assimilated - but with dire consequences. !!
The works of the Master regarding this tale can be found in entirety HERE.

Now that thy mind is acquainted with the tale, thy task is to create a masterpiece which doth it illustrate, by whichever form that doth please thee.

Think on then of the next occasion thou art studiously observed by thy beloved Furry Friends as thou art involved in some task, and be thankful that they hath not the opposable thumbs !!! Bwaahahahahahahaha

Herewith to inspire you - the works of the Master's Minions... alas IKE is again unable to furnish the goods :-(


i dont do straight

The Master giveth thee 14 days hence to complete thy Quest - unless the trickery of man's inventions doth again intervene, and thusly alter the master plan !!!

Gaze here upon thy Prize....

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