Thursday 26 January 2012


Ah, my Ever Faithfuls,

Afore we venture hence into the realm of the next Quest, grant your applause and salutations to the Victor of the first:

The Winner is.......... Heidi

Take Thee the symbol of thy conquest  - grasp the magical lettering within the Cypher and display it proudly within thy Realm

<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

Oh, Victorious One - wallow in thy glory and grant the Servant of the Master - Black Dragon - details of thy cyber habitation, that the rewards of thy labour may be showered upon thee.

and the Master yet honours also these 3 supplicants, (in no particular order), ..........

Take ye also the magic cypher below to display the Top 3 accolade in thy Realm

<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

The Master was most pleased with your wondrous creations on the first Quest, in fact, he was so uplifted by the offerings of so many minions that he challenges you next to strive even further in your efforts and manufacture a creation in his Own image :-D
It may take the form of anything your little hearts desire but must contain therein his wondrous countenance.
Herewith I give to you the efforts of his Supplicants, in an effort that you shall be filled with inspiration;


Again, he giveth you 14 nights in which to complete your Quest, whence another Victor shall be chosen and more delights showered upon them. Feast your eyes upon the forthcoming reward.........

The Master showers upon the beautiful Jetske, salutations and enduring gratitude for her most generous offering, fresh from her Realm at 

Great Stamps

I bid you a fond farewell until the allotted time whence we shall again find ourselves here. :-D

Perchance you place your offerings to the Master here:
In the interest of fairness, Please, NO back linking :D

Collection closes 8th February 17:00 hrs GMT

Thursday 12 January 2012


Long have I waited for my Visitors to arrive to join me in a Quest. Came the alloted day and I wondered - would they come ? The thought - it haunted me - Would....They....Come ?????
It thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still my beating heart I stood repeating- "'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at our Bloggie door. That it is, and nothing more"
And so, faintly you come - tapping, tapping at our Bloggie door. That I scarce was sure I heard you - here I open wide the door.............

The Realm of the Master hath grown and of the Faithful Followers who completed the alloted tasks - the victor is herewith unveiled, and will benefit from the bestowal of the delicious Goodies aforementioned. Exhale your bated breath for it is no other than............

Thou victor - wallow in thy glory and grant the Servant of the Master Black Dragon  details of thy habitation, that the Candy may be despatched to thy realm.

And now, your Quest, my Visitors, is perchance to create wondrous things of your own desire - only this I say - "They shall bear the mark of 'The Raven' in whichever form or guise that pleases you. All are welcome.

"Open here I flung the shutter
when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately Raven
of the saintly days of yore."
                                     Edgar Allan POE

Before you do depart with minds a-boggling, tarry a while and feast your bleary eyes upon the delights fashioned by the slaves of The Master, and perchance to bestow upon them your words of succour ?

i don't do straight



Fly then my Beloveds and do your deeds, then to return here when the sun rises on the 14th Day - for thus a Victor shall be chosen and the Master shall bestow upon you wondrous digital images - "Quoth The Raven" Set from Smeared Ink.

Some words or text unashamedly snitched from works of the great Master himself, others just out of my crazy mind :D

Submit your Entries here

Collection closes 25/01/12 at 17:00hrs GMT

Sunday 1 January 2012


I have brought you here that you might have the best possible view of the scene of that event I mentioned – CANDY !!

I looked upon the scene before me…………………………………….

from IKEsART






What glories ! What delights dance before my eyes.
How then must I proceed - you ask yourself. ‘Tis simple your task……

  1. Gather your courage and pledge your soul to the realm of the Master, and those that doth Follow shall forever chance to find the prize within their grasp…….. Ah, such sweet Candy may yet be theirs. !!

  2. Place within your Realm the Symbol of the Master, for all to see, so that others may yet Follow within his ways.

  3. Please copy the code below
    <a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" /></a>
  4. Quoth the ramblings of your tormented minds below. Thus, the Master may read your thoughts and absorb you into his Realm.
Now, brought to this conclusion in so unequivocal a manner as we are, it is not our part, as reasoners, to reject Winning on account of apparent impossibilities. It is only left for us to prove that these apparent ‘impossibilities’ are, in reality, not such. Thusly, you shall tarry until the dawning of the 12th day before the victor shall be revealed. Accordingly, you shall return to the Realm – there to witness the unveiling and to pay homage to the Chosen one.

Also, upon that day, the Master will throw down the gauntlet and lay before you the first Quest, which you will have but 14 sunsets to complete, before the next.

Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow—

If you don’t enter – you won’t win !! Hahahahahaah