Sunday 1 January 2012


I have brought you here that you might have the best possible view of the scene of that event I mentioned – CANDY !!

I looked upon the scene before me…………………………………….

from IKEsART






What glories ! What delights dance before my eyes.
How then must I proceed - you ask yourself. ‘Tis simple your task……

  1. Gather your courage and pledge your soul to the realm of the Master, and those that doth Follow shall forever chance to find the prize within their grasp…….. Ah, such sweet Candy may yet be theirs. !!

  2. Place within your Realm the Symbol of the Master, for all to see, so that others may yet Follow within his ways.

  3. Please copy the code below
    <a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" /></a>
  4. Quoth the ramblings of your tormented minds below. Thus, the Master may read your thoughts and absorb you into his Realm.
Now, brought to this conclusion in so unequivocal a manner as we are, it is not our part, as reasoners, to reject Winning on account of apparent impossibilities. It is only left for us to prove that these apparent ‘impossibilities’ are, in reality, not such. Thusly, you shall tarry until the dawning of the 12th day before the victor shall be revealed. Accordingly, you shall return to the Realm – there to witness the unveiling and to pay homage to the Chosen one.

Also, upon that day, the Master will throw down the gauntlet and lay before you the first Quest, which you will have but 14 sunsets to complete, before the next.

Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow—

If you don’t enter – you won’t win !! Hahahahahaah


  1. Please allow the master to view upon my weary writing, as I ponder shoving my betrothed under the floorboards! Winning such delights would serve to lower the level of my melancholy.

    With sincere appreciation,

    PS. Acck! it is the dreaded sneaky word verification!

  2. Those who knoweth me, knoweth also of my love and adulation of the Master. He hath a special place of honour here amongst the dreariness that is my life as such. Yet, my beating heart sings for him, and him alone. Until the twelfth of the month, I remain faithful.

  3. I have done as requested by the Master. I anxiously await the unfolding of the events that follow.

  4. What FUN! I absolutely LOVE how creative the writing is :). AND the blog background ROCKS!!! This group of 'contributors' is going to create the most amazing Poe blog EVER! Love it, LOVE IT!!!!

  5. My soul is pledged to follow you and the symbol of The Master shall be forever emblazoned in my realm.
    My craving for your sweet candy will hopefully be quenched although, in my heart I know, there are others more worthy of your generosity.
    I look forward to, with great anticipation, learning how I might make myself worthy of your attentions. So, until the allotted time of twelve moons passing, I will await your pleasures.

  6. YAHOO, another fun challenge blog! What day of the week will it be?

  7. Oh Master, please deem me worthy. I follow humbly and with great adoration. (Besides, I've got a frickin' sweet tooth for that yombo candy!) xxD

  8. you guys are the best! I love you all!!! Can't wait for the 12th! I love the background! if you can't tell I'm in love and excited :)

  9. This looks like fun, fab candy!!! Good luck with this venture, I shall return on the 12th xx

  10. Good luck on your new venture love the site can't wait for the challenge to start will follow the Master till my last breath

  11. Since I have been converted to "LOVE THE MASTER", I will take the challenge to try to "HONOUR HIM" and "CREATE IN HIS DARKNESS"! Y'all are awesome and the sets up for winning on the 12th are amazing! I LOVE all of them and I have already found the first one, so I am already to play!!! Awesome Blog and Wonderful Writing!!! Hugs!!!

  12. Master I have obyed and put your badge on my blog,
    your offerings are to much to behold
    thanks for such candy
    your servant

  13. About time there was a Poe challenge blog! Fabby prize, fingers crossed have posted and become a follower xx

  14. I am so happy for you, you got this up and running! How awesome my friend! I added your badge to my blog (Of course) and I followed your (of course) I will stalk you any where he he he!!
    Love all your verbiage so cool! I am eager to see what you have in-store for us :)
    Much love to you ladies! Oh and all of those stamps sets you have showing are way cool looking!

  15. awesome challenge blog idea, most happy to be a new follower and am in great anticipation of the twelth of this month. Yours in etc etc Heidi x

  16. Woo-hoo! About to post the logo on my blog. Those are some freaking amazing sets!

  17. WOW super cool blog, just wanted the Master to know that I downloaded the Poe stories (in English that will be a toughie) so I can check out if I like it :-) (don't know if I will like the stories but I do like the way this Poe blog looks very much)
    It's my soul for the chance of winning those awesome stampsets huh? Well who needs a soul anyway LOL (that means I will put the logo on my blog)

  18. I hath pledged the oath to follow my Master and I wear his symbol upon my realm with great pride. I eagerly await my first quest to serve my Master!

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  20. Hi from Karen, have just seen your candy on a friends blog.... I am soooooooooooo in love with this lot, have a look at my blog which is cutesy... I sooooooooo need away from sweet and innocent!!! have placed blog link... and thanks for the chance at winning such a generous prize...


  21. I entered and left a comment, but it wasn't published. Maybe it came across as snarky or something (I can't imagine how...), but I was wondering if I can comment again? I am salivating over all the goodies being offered!!
    I posted your badge and appreciate the chance to win such amazing images!

  22. I have done as instructed and await your further pleasure.

    Your gifts are extravagant to behold and will be much coveted.

  23. Well, it seems that I start the new year learning more about Poe. I just know the the Raven poem and I have an small booklet with three short stories by the master, of which I only read the "The purloined letter", one of my favourite detective stories.
    Learning about your project was a good start into 2012 - from the dark crafters point of view. Hope, it will be successfull.
    So, of course I put your button onto my realm.
    And of course I would love to win the candy.

  24. I'm more excited than word can express that you've created this wonderful challenge blog and what scrumptious candy you are offering :)

  25. Rock N Roll again. wow this is an awesome looking blog so far I see all kinds of eye candy that I would love to get my hands on. I've only heard of 2 of the artist's above and I think you know who those 2 are. Love all the image's. I am so glad that I chose you 2 to stalk. I chose my stalking victim's well. You'll never get rid of me now.

  26. How intriguing, forgive me for my ignorance but this is what I know, name=Edgar Allan Poe=Poet. That's it. So, this blog looks really cool, and the prize is fabulous. I am hoping to gain some education here or at least be wickedly inspired, I posted you badge/link which is awesome. I can't wait to see what happens.

  27. Your badge is so beautiful that I just had to add it to my blog - hope you´ll get a few more visitors this way!

  28. What a very cool blog! Your blog really captures the feel of E.A. Poe! The badge you made is awesome and can't wait to see what your challenge brings.