Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Once upon a midnight dreary":Whilst you sat there - eyes all bleary.......,

Did you ever wonder if there was a special place that catered to the darker side of crafting AND also revelled in the delights of one of the masters of the macabre - Edgar Allan POE ?
Well - here it is.
Welcome to "Quoth The Raven".
Our little band of POE lovers offer you the chance to get dark, Gothic and spooky with us in a new Challenge every fortnight, which will be totally dedicated to the works of the Master.
Your mission will be to create something - card/scrap page/object - anything you desire which is linked to POE.
We'll give you the theme, and you run wild !!

Presently your souls grow stronger:Hesitate ye then no longer,Come and join us in our Haven: Darkly creating at "Quoth The Raven"


  1. Love the new blog. I knew something was cooking. Glad you got it up and running :D xxx

  2. This is great and I can tell it is going to be awesome. Rock n Roll glad to see this

  3. A match made in heaven! Can't wait to see what you guys are up to. xxD

  4. Wooo Hooo... I can't wait to see what lessons you and the Master have in store for me!!! Hugs!!!