Thursday, 9 February 2012


Ah, Beloveds,
Afore we venture into our next Quest, let us give felicitations to the victor of the 2nd Quest ........
Hail the Victor........ Lady B

Take thee the symbol of thy conquest and display it proudly within thy Realm, and give details of thy habitation to the beloved Black Dragon, so that she may bestow upon thee thy gift.
<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

The Master yet honours also these 3 supplicants (in no particular order) ....

Take ye also the magic cypher below to display the Top 3 accolade within thy realms.
<a href=""><img height="133" src="" width="136" width="136" /></a>

Oh, Woe - a terrible melancholy has befallen the Master, as 'tis within this time that the day of St Valentine doth occur, and brings to him the pain of love lost that cuts him to the core. 'Twas his love ANNABEL LEE, that gave him life and joy, but "The angels, not half so happy in heaven, went envying her and He - That the wind came out of the cloud by night, chilling and killing his Annabel Lee". Thusly, in her honour, thy Quest is to fashion a tribute to the beautiful and forlorn Annabel Lee, in whichever manner as befits thy mood. Save to say that upon thee there is just the one restriction... that thy offering shall here be placed by nightfall on the 14th day hence.
That thy mind may be filled with wondrous imaginings, herewith I give thee the efforts of his Supplicants, that thou shalt be filled with inspiration.

IKE using her new image 'Annabel Lee'

i dont do straight

Blackdragon using IKESART images.

As reward to the Victor of this Quest, the Master shall bestow upon thee this gift......

Collection closes 22nd February 17:00 hrs GMT


  1. ok this is confusing it says nightfall on the 14th, but then below it says the 22nd.
    I had a project almost done for the the master's likeness...I but I had no idea about what GMT is in my time zone. so I missed it.
    Can I get some clarification?
    Thanks, Susan

  2. Wonderful project I will have to put my thinking cap on for this one. Well done Lady B, Kapree,Jane & Evil Edna. Heidi xx

  3. The cut-off is the 22nd of February... the instructions say the 14th DAY HENCE !
    I don't know what the time is in the US - GMT is Greenwich Mean Time - you can find it on your computer if you put in 'time converter'.

  4. YAY me! big congrats to LB, Jane and Evil Edna!
    gotta get my mojo goin I must win that digi! beautiful creations ladies!

  5. Beautiful Creations by the DT! You are all fabulous! Congrats to all the winners! Hugs!

  6. Love all the dt creations, congrats to the winners