Wednesday 8 May 2013


Sweet Followers,
How our hearts doth sing at the growing numbers of awesome creations that hath been submitted for the delectation of The Master.
Such wonders - tho it doth cause much consternation in the choosing of a Victor  for Quest 20. Forsooth 'tis a much testing task but a Victor hath been decided - all hail to............................FIONA
Take thee thy Badge of Honour

Hail thee also the Top 3 as chosen by The Master (in no particular order)...............CROMS,JULIA and KEREN
Plucketh thee also thy Badges of Honour to be displayed proudly within thy realms.


And now, onwards to thy new task - Quest 21 ..... 'ANYTHING POES'.
Thou canst fashion anything which thy heart desires.. but remember ye that thy offering MUST be related to Edgar Allan POE to be considered worthy of being chosen for the Prize. Bring ye not thy fluffy, smushy if it not be POE !!!

Without further ado, I give the the offerings as made by the Minions of The Master to whet thine appetite...

Hie now and create - to return in one moon's full passing on 5th JUNE 2013 for thy next task and the Victors of the aforementioned Quest.

To the Victor shall be awarded this Prize..

It pleaseth The Master that thee leaveth thy offering here (In the interest of fair play - NO BACKLINKING)
and mayhap a sweet annotation to bring succour to The Master, who very much enjoys thy discourse.

Collection closed on 13th JUNE 2013 at 1700 hrs GMT


  1. Thanks for choosing my creation as one of the Top 3!!

  2. I am honoured that my offering found favour in the eyes of the Master! Congratulations to the winner and the Top Three! xxx Keren

  3. Love the DT makes! Took a look at the challenge entries. Most people can't read, eh? Jesus! xxD

  4. Always fantastic design team samples. Thanks for the new challenge. One of my favorite topics!