Monday, 27 May 2013


Beloveds - herewith doth we find ourselves midway twixt the allotted time for thy current QUEST.
For thine inspiration I offer thee a re-visit of a work I produced for the sisters of darkness that doth name themselves SMUDGY ANTICS. 'Twas for a Quest akin to 'Movies' if memory doth serve me rightly, and the image doth illustrate the eerie tale by The Master.... "The Cask of Amontillado". (Image by IKE - available from Smeared Ink). Shouldst thou wish to read the sorry tale - it abideth HERE.

Thou hast until 5th JUNE to enter thy creations in QUEST 21....Anything POES.
Placeth thy creations at Mr Linky on the Blog Post below :-D 

Now - The Master hath seen that the Beloved Followers are in number - 94. This hath pleased him greatly and much excitement and elation doth reign within his Realm with his Minions that the magic number of 100 draws near !!!
He is busy as we speak preparing a worthy Prize - to be hailed when the esteemed and prized Followers doth reach that number :-D

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