Thursday, 8 November 2012


Oh Beloveds,
How The Master was enraptured by the amazing array of wondrous creations thou didst offer to him this past month. Such delights to behold !! Tis' a pity there can be just one Victor, but after much deliberation, the Victor was chosen thusly............................. All Hail to................................................LISA B
Take Thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly, and furnish the details of thy Realm to IKE so that thee may be bestowed upon of thy Gift.

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Furthermore, The Master blesses the following Top 3 (in no particular order) and thanks thee for thy worthy offerings......................................
Take thee also thy Badges of Honour and display them proudly within thy Realms.

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How now, asketh thee  - to what fiendish quest art thee put to on this occasion ?..... I give thee....


Thou shalt chose 3 squares in whatever direction thy heart desires and use the contents thereof on thy creation, which may be anything thou thinkest shall pleaseth The Master. 
Thy Prize for Quest 15 shalt be.......................


Herewith the delights brought to you by The Master's Minions -


FIONA is still in hiatus :-(

Now, brought to this conclusion in so equivocal a manner as we are, it is not our part as reasoners, to reject winning on account of apparent impossibilities. It is only left for us to prove that these apparent "impossibilities" are, in reality, not such. Thusly, thou shalt tarry only until the dawning of the 5th day of December before the Victor shall be revealed.

Accordingly, thou shalt return to the Realm of The Master - there to witness the unveiling and to pay homage to the Chosen One.
Take this kiss upon thy brow, and in parting from thee now, thus much let me avow.......

If you don't enter... you won't win.......Hahahahahaha !! :-D

Perchance to leave thy offering here (in the interest of fairness - NO BACKLINKING)

Collection closes 5th DECEMBER 2012 at 1700hrs GMT


  1. Such wondrous creations do feast mine eyes. I shall hie hence and endevour to assemble some humble offering as I was so remiss this last moon's cycle past. I lay my repentence at the feet of the master. Veronica xx (Vee ;)xx)

  2. In my eagerness to create, I was remiss and did not honour the winner and top three. Many congratulations. Vee xx

  3. WOW! feelin very proud! Thank you!

  4. So inspiring was thy challenge I have brought my humble offering to the master in hopes perchance to please. For myself I am so astonished to be at the advance of the throng so unlike my tardy entries on previous quests. Vee xx

  5. A top 3 place I am humbled before the master and thank thee for thy worthy appreciation. I will now take thyself into thy domain to assemble an offering that may please the master for the quest that hath been given.

  6. I can only echo the former sentiments. My heartfelt thanks that my humble offering was graciously accepted and found worthy of mention.

  7. Truly awesome DT art work! I am so not worthy!

  8. I've not delved into the darkened realms of Poe before... such amazing creations awaited here! Thank you for the challenge.. and I'm glad that I was directed to this place of Poe!
    Pauline G