Thursday 4 October 2012


How now Beloveds ?
Forsooth - how time doth fly and we find ourselves again here for a further Quest.
The Eve for haunting and witches doth creep ever closer ! Perchance thou dost hanker for an abundance of horror and creepiness ? Then, hie thee hence to the site of our beloved Sisters of the creep at Smeared & Smudged Forum  wherein they doth celebrate each of the 31 Days of creepiness with projects and Rewards to tempt thee.
Now, before the new Quest, Hail thee the Victor of Quest 13 .......
Take Thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly in thy realm and give forthwith, details of thy Realm to the beloved Black Dragon, that she may furnish thee with thy Prize.

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And with such scant offerings this time, we bless all Supplicants with a Badge of Honour for their participation.
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And now Beloveds - thy Quest this time shall be
Take delight in producing for the Master that which your heart desires albeit that it shall appeal to His taste in it's dark, silky succulence, for the Master shalt shudder at the flippant frills and fancies of sugary sweetness !!
Explore thee thy dark and Gothic side in this, the season of ghostly doings, when ghouls and goblins doth abound.

The Master shall reward thee for thy efforts thusly:

For your delight, the Minions of the Master offer thee the fruits of their labours:

Hie now and return thee hence in one moon's wax and wane on 7th NOVEMBER 2012 at 1700 hrs BST.

Perchance to leave thy offering here (for the sake of fair play - NO BACKLINKING)

Collection closes 7th November 17:00 hrs (GMT)


  1. Awesome projects, ladies! Have to think about this one...

  2. OMG I'm a winner..........Wow Thank You so Much I'm speecless to say the the least and Humbly Honoured.......Fantastic projects Ladies. I'm in awe of the talent. Count me in again.

  3. fantastic DT ladies are so creative! thanks for the "anything Poe" challenge...

  4. Excellent design team projects! Greetings!
    Great sponsor - an amazing prize!
    This challenge no one should miss!
    I wish you success!
    Fiona Happy Award!

  5. Such clever stuff from the DT x