Thursday 17 September 2015


Beloveds - we are but midway in thy current QUEST . The Master doth thank thee All for thy offerings and doth beseech thee to enter further offerings in this, thy new Quest # 48 -MATERIAL THINGS ..... thou shalt use some kind of MATERIAL/FABRIC and createth thy offering to include such dainties.

Now herewith is our latest GUEST Minion to The Master... LYNNE WALKER.

LYNNE doth dwell in a realm entitled ..CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ..and thou canst visit said realm and snoopeth into that which she doth do there.
Herewith is her offering to The Master..

Such a fine piece doth thou not agree ?!!! Let us hope that this doth inspire thee to come hither and play along with us.
Herewith a super creation from Minion to The Master SHELL

Forsooth - it pleaseth The Master that thy creation be new-eth and he requesteth NO BACKLINKING.

Thou hast until Midnight WEDNESDAY 30th SEPTEMBER  2015 for thy labours.

Hie now to toileth and sweat in thy labours to create and returneth here to the beloved LINKY where thee shalt entereth thine offering.

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