Thursday 2 July 2015


Beloveds -  a declaration - The Master doth changeth the workings of QTR in that the toilings of the DT hath now ended and The Master doth send blessings and give thanks to the Minions for their toil and labour on their marvelous offerings.
He now doth decree a new plan. Thy Quests shalt yet be Monthly, but thou shalt only be given a reminder at MIDWAY.
Also The Master shalt choose a Minion who shalt be GUEST DESIGNER for the period of 1 MONTH, whereby they shalt toileth on 2 creations. For this month, our first GDT is NANETTE.

Forsooth, we find ourselves gathered herewith yet again for another Quest..... #46 POEtry, but before we embark upon this endeavour, let us pay salutations to the Victor and TOP 3 from Quest #45 - Picture Inspiration.
The Minions of the Master hath cast their votes thereby deciding the Victor....... who shalt be declared as..........................

Taketh thee thy Badge of Honour and if it pleaseth thee to contact IKE for thy Prize.

Salutations also to the TOP 3 (in no particular order).....

#3  GINA

Taketh thee also thy Badges of Honour and display them proudly within thy Realms.

The Master doth thank thee All for thy offerings and doth beseech thee to enter further offerings in this latest Quest #46 - POEtry. Taketh thee any POEM by EDGAR ALLAN POE and createth a tribute to the aforesaid POEM. 


For thine endeavours, herewith shalt be thy Prize......

Forsooth - it pleaseth The Master that thy creation be new-eth and he requesteth NO BACKLINKING.

Thou hast until Midnight WEDNESDAY 5th AUGUST 2015 for thy labours.

Hie now to toileth and sweat in thy labours to create and returneth here to the beloved LINKY where thee shalt entereth thine offering.


  1. Firstly...thank you yet again for enjoying my contribution to you challenges. Secondly...WOW awesome work ladies. It may take me a few days to actually decide which poem to use lol :D XXX

  2. I thanketh thy design team for the toilings and inspiration! Forsooth, I doth feel honored to be chosen for thy top pick. :) Thank you so much! I feel really blessed.

  3. Took a while...but Vultures don't grow on trees mwahahaha... :D XXX