Thursday 5 December 2013


Beloveds - how the time doth rush by and the wintry weather doth chill our bones. The season of jollity and overindulgence doth creep ever nearer.
Before I set thee a task for this festive season, let us send salutations to the Victor of Quest #26......
Take thee thy Badge of Honour and display it proudly within thy realm.

The Master saw few offerings this week and so doth award each of thee a badge for thy realms....
Please to contact IKE  HERE to claim thy Prize.
 So now - thy current Quest #27 shalt be ....HO, HO, POE - MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Thou art to create for The Master a creation fit for the coming festivities - however - they canst be only fit for his dark and stormy nature..... bringeth not thy slushy mushies and images of puke rendering cuteness, for The Master shalt be sore aggrieved.  :-)

Herewith the darkling creations of his Minions....

Hie now and begin thy ministerings - albeit thou hast many task to perform this Christmastide, but I hope thou shalt find time for a small offering, lest The Master sink into the depths of deep dark depression whilst attempting to dodge the gay festivities !!
This shalt be thy Prize..

Perchance to leave thy offering here. (In the interests of fair play - NO BACKLINKING).


  1. Oh I am clapping my hands in glee, so very much, thank you for the Top 3, wearing my badge, with Muchly Pride. xxxx

  2. I've got one ready for this, but want to wait 'til the 13th to post. Yea! xxD

  3. Oh my I am loving the DT samples!! Shell beautiful AJ page!
    Black Dragon, your piece is Brilliant, so creative and down right AWESOME!

  4. So not worthy and the DT - A WOW! Just gorgeous projects and will start working on mine asap. TY for the Win and will post my badge proudly.

  5. Thy Minions work shame my humble offering. Perhaps that is why it will not appear in it's entirety with the others. I bow to your infinite wisdom. xxD

  6. Sorry about this Donna - it looks as though the centre panel has shrunk and I can't seem to fix it !!! :-( We need FIONA coz she built the Blog !!!

  7. At least you can click on it. I deleted it once and tried again, but... Guess Poe's playing peek-a-boo to get back at me for that hat. LOL xxD

    1. Sorry Donna, I'm working on it as we speak, and I think Poe looks great in his Santa hat.......maybe he's just shy :)

  8. YaY !!! Fixed it :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx