Thursday 7 November 2013


I come to thee this day in haste..... the god of thunder and lightning Zeus, is most displeased here at my abode and hath struck many times these past days. His fury is mighty and he hath taken from us the power of the Devil and we abideth without light nor heat.  The Master doth sit in sore desolution without the comforts of hot water, heat and is in the depths of darkness come sunset :-(

Now we hasten to the Victors of QUEST #25............ The Master doth choose -

Take thee thy Badge of Honour and if it please thee to contact IKE to claim thy Prize.

The Master hath also chosen these 3 Supplicants (in no particular order) and applauds thee for thy offerings. Take thee also thy Badges of Honour.........


This shalt by necessity be quick my Beloveds whilst I tell thee of thy latest Quest.... #26 COLOUR BINGPOE... without further ado, herewith thy palette.


Thy Challenge be to create for The Master anything that ye shalt desire using ANY 3 colours from ANY ONE LINE, be it across, up and down or the diagonal :-)

I must fly now lest I be struck by the wrath of Zeus and I leave thee to the Minions of The Master.


This shalt be thy Prize....

Go now and returneth here in 1 month's full passing 4th DECEMBER 2013.
Perchance to leave thine offering below.
In the interests of fair play NO BACKLINKING.


  1. I'm so excited to be part of the top 3!!! Thank you. Congrats to the winner and other top 3. Fabulous creations again... wow

  2. Congrats to Lyneen. I really loved her seeing her work during the S&S 31 Days of Halloween. Thanks for choosing two of my pieces for the Top 3. Always enjoy your challenges!

  3. The challenge was very interesting!
    I thought I would be able to participate. I'm afraid I'm bad with colors. I also had other tasks ..
    With only one sentence:
    I'm really sorry I missed the deadline!