Thursday 9 August 2012


Alas, just  3 Accolades made offerings to the Master this past Quest so please take thee all thy Badge of Honour, Jacki, Kapree and Jane

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I offer thee now a tale of pirates and jewels - perchance to think that ye find a strange Gold-Bug and some odd cypher which doth lead thee to treasures beyond belief..... thus is our tale this time. THE GOLD-BUG - read here HERE the tale in it's entirety - judge for thyself and glean divine inspiration therein for a creative piece to offer the Master.

For thy inspiration, the Minions of the Master offer thee these creations upon which to feast thine eyes.

Go now and create thy masterpiece in whichever manner that doth please thee - to return herewith 1 Month hence, to hail the Victor of this Quest. 

Perchance to place thy offerings here (in the interest of fairness - NO Backlinking)

Collection closes 6th SEPTEMBER at 1700hrs BST.


  1. Brilliant inspiration and project will hope to be back. Vee xx

  2. I have returned with my humble offering which I hope may be pleasing to thee. Vee xx

  3. Have made a card but the collection is closed so see you for the next one
    Hugs xxxx