Thursday 3 May 2012


How generous was the Master to give thee past the allotted time to complete thy quest ? Happenchance life struck his Minion IKE with a blow that stemmed the flow of inspiration and creativeness.
Today I bring you tale of terror and suspense - but first the Accolades.....

Hail the Victor of Quest 7 - To Helen.............Nancy
Take thee thy Badge of Honour and give thy details to the illustrious Black Dragon, that she may bestow upon thee thy reward.

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The Master also blesses these 3 (in no apparent order) .....
Take ye also thy Badge and display it proudly within thy realm...

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 On now to my tale......THE PIT & THE PENDULUM.
Think ye lucky that thou are not living in the time of the dread Inquisition ? Such a tale I relate of one poor soul who had the misfortune to have been in very close quarter with them.
Imagine finding thyself in a dark and dank pit having been on trial with The Inquisition. !! Thou knowest that thy death is inevitable but thou knowest not How - only that it will be slow and painful. !!!
The soul within the tale has but 3 choices - to be sliced by the slowly inching, swinging blade of the Pendulum or (having broken free of his bonds) to be either crushed between the slowly advancing, red hot metal walls of his chamber or to fling himself down in the chasm of horror ... The Pit.... and the horrors it may contain, should death not follow instantly. Which choice would thee make I ask ???
The complete story of the tale can be found HERE.
Read then and make for the Master a creation representing this tale...... If ye dare !!!!!!
For your delight and inspiration, I give thee the works of the Minions..


And how shall He reward thee? ..... Thusly ...... 2 beautiful collage sheets of your choice from ...............                          MOONLIGHT JOURNEY .COM

The Master giveth thee the allotted 14 days, and - barring mishap - will return hence at that time to judge thy offerings.
Perchance to place thy offering here (In the interest of fairness - NO backlinking)

Collection closes 16th May 2012 at 1700hrs GMT.


  1. Congrats Victor Nancy :)!!! And Congrats to Croms and Jacki I am very honor to be included with such talent :)

  2. congrats to Nancy for getting that awesome prize and to Colleen and Jacki for getting a top 3 accolade xxx. Thanks also go to those that bestow those accolades

  3. Illustrious Blackdragon can you tell me an alternate route to contact you with my details so I can claim my prize - my email carrier/computer seems to have an aversion to your email contact link...

    Congrats to Colleen, Croms and Jacki too! This is such a fun challenge - can't wait to start on my next project!!!

  4. i love your examples - thanks for the great challenges!!!

  5. Thanks for picking me for top 3 and congrats to Croms Colleen and Nancy also now off to ponder at what I can do

    Jacki x